Download / Install

We have been release SonicVPN V6, which is the major update to the system and fixing some bugs :
Features :

- Bring back Malaysia sever ( For gaming and surfing only )
 - Fixed ICMP Download link SonicVPN V6 :

Bugs fixed :
- Delete and add tap driver for Windows 64 Bit system. ( No need to install OpenVPN anymore )

Go to desktop. Windows 7/vista – You must open SonicVPN shortcut by clicking right mouse “Run as administrator.
Windows XP – You can open it by double clicking.

Click on setting , update and click the "GREEN" folder

 Click yes anda wait a second , then close your SonicVPN . Open SonicVPN once again .

 insert your username and password , choose your port , select your server and click connect

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